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The Main Challenge

The Gaps Today

Statistically speaking, top talent is harder than ever to keep, underperformers are costing more than they're generating, and everyone in between is totally disengaged and hungry for a change.The biggest gap in teams is the lack of coaching and development of the employee - both personally and professionally, and managers need to be equipped to execute that. Research shows continuous training gives 50% higher net sales per employee. This approach is drastically different than traditional management practices.In addition, surveys show us that over 50% of the people making their living in sales don’t have the right skills and tools to be successful, like specific tools and training, a defined sales process, a method for sharing best practices, and coaching from their manager. Most teams have broken systems and processes and a complete lack of some kind of effective playbook.The good news is that this is exactly why I do what I do.


A Proven Method

After 15 years of leadership and over a decade of experience in multiple industries like health, SaaS, Creative, and more, I know what is needed to create excellent managers and develop a team of world-class employees all operating within a healthy culture. We must help them grow both personally and professionally and develop well-oiled systems, processes, and playbooks that improve employee success and satisfaction, boost the bottom line revenue, and reduce turnover.


Exploring The Possibilities

  1. Schedule a call - In a quick 30-minute call, you and I will talk about where you want your business to go and what might be holding you back.

  2. Get a custom report - Together we'll set goals, then map a custom plan for your team.

  3. Experience transformation - By taking action, about a year from now, you will not recognize yourself or your business. You will move from chaos to efficiency and from confusion to confidence.

You're the expert in your business. Virtus is the expert in helping you improve it.

Now is a more important time than ever to invest in the people on your team, their development, and your business's processes so that you're poised for more growth. Your team and your business will thank you!

About ME

Hi, I'm Chris

My background and experience in life have allowed me incredible opportunities to grow and develop a wide variety of skills and competencies, but my favorite two are sales and coaching.After nearly 5 years as an Army Ranger, deploying 4 times to Afghanistan and running over 200 direct action night raids, I turned my attention to a long-time passion - the fitness industry.As a director of fitness, I was able to cut my teeth and hone my skills with coaching clients, sales, customer service, member management, recruiting, hiring and training, and more.There came a time however when I was ready for a new challenge. To take on something I had never done before. Enter SaaS.I began my journey into the wild frontier of startups - and to my delight, it wasn't dissimilar from the special operations military world.Being able to take part as a major revenue driver for a unicorn start-up was a wild experience. I grew rapidly and was able to step into and hone an entirely new set of skills.Fast forward, and I've now been able to play primary sales and leadership roles directly impacting the growth of 3 startups each with major successes according to the industries they're in.The great news is not my accomplishments, those are simply experiences that enable me to guide and support other teams like yours on a journey toward success.It would be an honor to take a behind-the-scenes role in helping you achieve the vision you have for your company.Lead on,


It's Hard Enough To Build a Business.
You Don't Have To Build It Alone.

You need to get your strategic plan right, then your marketing message, then your sales pitch, then your operations, etc.Very few small-business owners get it right and that's why most small-business owners suffer and why many of them fail.You've hired a golf instructor before, a financial advisor, a trainer to help you get into shape, and even a mechanic to fix your car. Why not hire a coach to help you build your sales and your business so it thrives and can improve (and fund) your quality of life?Working with me as your coach is simple. Let's plan a call in which I ask you several questions, then I will give you a report on the current health of your business, then we will customize a plan to fix what's broken and optimize your sales process, team, and your business for growth and health.Without a coach, you will likely make several costly mistakes that are going to cost you the world's most valuable commodity: time.With a coach, you will be building your business on the shoulders of others who have gone before you.Wisdom has already been passed down, it's just not getting to you!Schedule a call today and let's get started building the business of your dreams. To schedule our short call, simply click HERE.


Ways I Can help

1. Creating a well-oiled system for employee development, feedback loops, performance reviews, and boosting employee engagement.
2. Identifying gaps and obstacles in existing sales processes
3. Providing training and development for managers
4. Equipping sales reps with comprehensive training
5. Assessing and optimizing technology usage
6. Conducting thorough evaluations of business operations to uncover opportunities for improvement
7. Assisting with crafting effective marketing and sales copy
8. Offering support in improving or creating sales and marketing materials, pitch decks, and more.
9. Establishing standardized sales processes

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